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Our Story

KiPKleen is the newest most affordable Toilet Paper & Sanitary Range. Now more than ever the cost of living and running a business is at the forefront of commercial clients minds so KiPKleen have released a toilet paper range saving some clients up to 30% on their current orders. Further to that we have some of the leading designs in touchless hand sanitising machines with hospital grade sanitiser. We pride ourselves on customer service and are the first Australian Owned and Manufactured toilet paper supplier; providing a range of products for all sizes and types of businesses. Shop online now or contact us directly to speak with one of our passionate team members who can provide a tailored solution for your business.

Our History


JAN 2018 -

Launched Toilet paper and Sanitary Supplies under old business


APRIL 2018 -

Launched Commercial Toilet Paper Supplies


OCTOBER 2018 -

Sold 480,000 rolls in our first 6 months


JAN 2019 -

Created the First Manual KiP Hand Sanitising Machine


MAY 2019 -

Launched our Gel Hospital Grade Hand Sanitising Solution 


JULY 2019 -

Rebranded machines to KIP


JAN 2020 -

Rebranded all aspects of toilet paper, hand sanitising solution and sanitary items to KiPKleen


MARCH 2020 -

Launched our first Digital Touchless KiP Hand Sanitising Machine in line with COVID19


JULY 2020 -

Installed our first 25 Digital Touchless KiP Hand Sanitising Machines across Australia 



Opened our new Warehouse and Toilet Paper Factory in Stafford & launched national sales division

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