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Scott - Regatta Hotel

We now have 2 machines at both entrys which have the QR code, our specials that rotate and it has assisted in bringing back our clean look and feel whilst also assisting us in keeping our customers safe. Their products and service the best in the industry and our Master brand Ausvenue co is now looking to implement these in bars they own nationally.


Simon - Edhen West End

We were one of the first to install a KiP machine in our restaurant. It is sleek and stylish and in line with out aesthetic. We are not only able to market our business specials and offerings but also keep our community and staff safe through the hospital grade hand sanitiser. Stephanie and her team have been a pleasure to deal with and we have had a great customer service experience from the beginning.


Tracey & Kwan - Mr Mista

KipKleenā€™s service is second to none and products are the best out there. The machine looks great on the front door with pictures and security guard making sure people are sanitising hands on their way in.